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SAMPLE CHAPTERS-                         

    The last scene
I remember that day, it was in the evening, when I was watching a
movie ‘Avatar’ with my family, and suddenly around 9 p.m., my
phone rang. It was Aashish.
I picked the phone, “Hello.”
“Vivek bhaiya she is leaving Neemuch tonight.”
I moved to the terrace quickly, “Ohh God ajj hi?”
“Yeah … so be prepared for leaving Neemuch today.”
I cut the phone and ran to the hall, “I am going to Indore at night
from Bhopal-Ajmer.”
Every one turned their faces towards me from the TV and then my
sister commented, “Have you gone mad or what? There is no need to
go at night and if it is that urgent, then you can go tomorrow morning.”
Everyone agreed with my sister, but anyhow, I managed to
convince them, “Tomorrow there is a company on our campus for
recruitment, so I have to reach there in the morning.”
As it was a proper reason, so none of them could say anything and
I started to pack my bag. By 11:30 p.m., I had finished and lay on
the bed, my mind was desperate, after all, I was going to travel with
my Aphrodite, my goddess but not to propose to her, just to show
her who I actually am.”
As I had been completely helpless in front of her, so this time I
phoned Abbas for moral support, “Bro…you will have to come to
the station to support me, she is leaving Neemuch today.”
As he knew the entire story, before her he agreed, “Don’t worry, I
will be there.”
After having a short conversation with Abbas, I felt a little bit
relaxed and started with my planning. What will I do when both
of us are in the train together?” I planned on how to meet her, and
how to start a conversation with her. I slept for a while just because
of the tiresome day.
After a nap, I woke up suddenly, “Ohh my God, did I miss the
I looked at the clock, it was 1:30 a.m.; I had only half an hour to
reach the station. I woke up quickly and washed my face. With my
bag on my shoulder, I knocked the door of my dad’s room, “Papaji
jaidi uthiye, apn late ho gae hai.”
My father also came out quickly and I locked the main door. My
dad was ready with the bike, but as my dad rode the bike very
slowly, I asked, “Dad please let me ride, we are already late.”
We left the house without disturbing anyone else. I was riding
really fast with the fear that I would miss the train and from behind,
my dad was scolding me, “Nothing will be happen if you miss the
train, there will be other companies for recruitment.”
But at that time who was going to explain to my dad how important
that day was in my life, so I kept riding fast without caring about
anything else. We reached the station, but the train had not arrived
till then. I entered the gate with a fearful thought, “Oh God … kahin
saamne hi na khadi ho,” but she was not there, I looked at the ticket
line, but she was also not there.
For confirming, ‘Has she come or not?’ I asked, “Dad please buy a
ticket for me, its urgent I am going to the washroom.”
My dad stood in the queue for the ticket and I started to look
for her everywhere on the platform, but I didn’t find her. With
a hopeless mind, I came back to the window and stood in place
of my father.
In the line, I was afraid to think, “Ohh God … I hope she did not
cancel the plan,” and with this fearful thought, I was continuously
looking for her at the entrance with a desperate mind.
I reached the second number from the window and suddenly, she
entered in a black T-shirt and blue jeans with her parents. Looking
at her, I was stunned. There was no one in the ladies line, so she
came to the window and raised her hand in the small opening,
“One Bhopal please.”
It was the second time in my life, when she was so close to
me, I could even feel the sensation of her touch, my heart
was crossing all limits of beating, but it was still the coolest
experience of my life.
She was standing so close to me and I was trying to look at her,
stealing glances at her, but she didn’t notice the depth in my eyes
and moved towards the platform, without showing any reaction
that shows that ‘She knows me’.
After buying the ticket, I also moved behind her, but as I was with
my dad, so I could not look at her freely.
So I asked my dad, “Papaji aap chale jaiye, me seat le lunga.”
My dad was about to say something, but before he could say, a
voice said behind me, “Namaste uncle; it was Abbas.
“Namaste beta ... you are also going with him?”
As my dad asked this question, from behind, I was doing some
stupid actions to tell him, “Bhai please handle the situation.”
He understood my actions, “No uncle … I have come here to leave
my aunt, she is going to Bhopal.”
After a short conversation with Abbas, my dad left me, “Just give a
call after reaching Indore.”
“Yeah dad ... I will.”
We then moved to the place, where Shruti stood with her parents.
We stopped at a sufficient distance from her and I was looking at
her as if, I was a beggar.
“I am telling you, today you will tell her everything, otherwise I
will kill you,” Abbas said.
“Ohhk … But how? To tell her everything, I will have to sit near her.”
“Don’t to worry, it’s my problem, but anyhow you will tell her
To assure him, I explained about the plan that I had made to talk
to her. Just then, the train Bhopal to Ajmer arrived on the platform.
As the train stopped, the crowd rushed in to find their seats. Her
father stepped into the train quickly and watching her father, Abbas
also stepped into the same compartment, with one of my bags.
In that rush also, Abbas occupied a seat for me just in front of her.
After she came to the seat, Abbas raised his hand from the window
and started to call me, “Abe … aa na jaldi, kya kar raha hai?”
But I was really scared and frightened, “Yeah … I am coming.”
Looking at my screwed up face, he put my bag on that seat and
came down.
“Just come with me.”
“Listen … we can also do it next time, I am not feeling well,” I
However, he dragged me into that compartment. Her father went
to the reservation coach for arranging a seat for Shruti, so he was
taking me towards her and my heartbeat was increasing at a
proportional amount with the reducing distance.
I was becoming hyper excited, “Ohh God … no ... no ... no.”
He pushed me on the seat forcefully and it was the first time in my
life when my God was seated in front of me. Can you imagine that
too in jeans and a T-shirt?
Within ten minutes, her father came, but they didn’t find any seat
for her in the reservation coach. The train signalled its departure.
“Today, please clear everything to her, just show her how much
you love her,” Abbas whispered to me and got down from the train.
The train started to move, but I was still scared. I was trying to
relax myself by taking long deep breaths, but it was not working.
At that time, my brain was releasing more and more adrenaline
to overcome that situation, but still it was too little to recover it. I
could not imagine that ‘my dream’, my angel’, whom I had been
loving for more than six years is in front of my eyes, just four feet
away from me.
The train was picking up speed, but here I was behaving abnormally
like an excited person, who does not know ‘what I have to do, and
how to behave’. First, she stole glances at me, but suddenly, shortly
her calmness burst into laughter, but anyhow, she managed to
stop her laughter, at my foolish behaviour and this way I got more
nervous. To overcome that critical situation, I took out my phone
and started to listen to music.
But look at my destiny that played the same song that perfectly
matched my situation. It was, ‘Tu jaane na’ and that time I
understood the feelings of that song specially, “Khayalo me
laakho baaten yu to kah gaya bola kuch na tere saamne” and ‘Mil ke
bhi hum na mile tum se naa jaane kyun, milo ke he faansle tum se naa
jaane kyun?”
I was stealing glances at her, but she was behaving completely like
a stranger. Not once, she realized my helplessness, or my imploring
eyes. At that moment, every single tissue of my body was praying
to God, “Ohh God … please perform a miracle and let her know
everything through my feelings.” But I forgot that in the world of
evil, God does not perform any miracles.
Though that distance was only four feet, but it appeared as if it
were thousands of light years. My entire heart was crying at my
destiny that left me before her as if I was dumb.
Soon, I relaxed and started to gather my inner strength, repeating to
myself, “Anyhow I will tell her everything today … anyhow, I will
tell her everything today.”
But before I could dare to say a single word, I was lost in the game
that my destiny played with me.

                                           Chapter 1  
                                    First scene of my life
I was a guy from a middle class family and loved to do weird
experiments related to different fields of science.
One day, when I was in the 11th class, one of my cousin’s Aashish
asked me to do a science project on the cricket playground.
When I asked the reason, I learned there was a science exhibition
being held in his school. All the participants benefited with some
extra marks, so I advised him to generate electricity from biodegradable
materials. During those days, I was also planning to
do the same and he also agreed because the project was totally
different from all of the other students.
Finally, the day of the exhibition dawned, but the cell was not
working properly, so he called me, “Vivek bhaiya the cell is not
working, now what should we do?”
I was trying to solve the problem on the phone, but none of my ideas
were working, so finally after getting frustrated Aashish asked, “Just
come here please, we still have two hours before the exhibition begins.”
As I was confused about the entrance, so I asked, “Will they allow
me in school?”
“The exhibition is meant for outsiders, so just come fast, no one will
stop you at the door…”
I agreed to go to his school, but I was shy to go in my school uniform,
as at that time I was having tea and samosas at the hotel outside my
school compound, so I asked, “But I am in school uniform.”
“Hey … you are not going to a party or to a marriage function, just
come in whatever you are wearing or take my advice, come naked,
all the samaan of our school will fall for you, and you also will rock
the scene … Ha ... ha ... ha.”
As you all know every locality has terms to generalize beautiful
girls, we called them, “Samaan.”
I didn’t react to his weird smile and agreed to go in my school
uniform. I was too excited to go to the convent school; after all I
was going to the number one school of beautiful girls in Neemuch.
But there was a problem ahead … ‘my uniform’.
I could not go home first on my cycle, as the convent and my home
was in the opposite direction from my school, so I was left no option
other than to go in my school uniform.
I could hear the tune of the most famous prayer, ‘Hey shar de maaaa’
while, here I was waiting for the assembly to end, at the hotel with
samosas and my late comer friends Vaibhav, Pradyumn, and Yogi.
As I had no company, for the exhibition, I asked to them to come
with me, but all of them refused as everyone was frightened of our
chemistry teacher ‘Mrs. Awasthi’ yet she was hot, but was also very
dangerous as a heavy explosive.
“But why are you going to the convent?” …Vaibhav asked.
“I am going to meet a gorgeous girl,” but the temptation of the girl
also grew faint compared to the terror that Mrs Awasthi brought to
our minds.
The assembly ended with a sound of, “Bharat mata kiiii … jayyyyy,”
and then we were allowed to enter into the school.
Vaibhav and me were drinking water from the tap, after the
tiresome punishment, but as I raised my head from the tap, I saw
a boy that could fulfil my desire in civil dress. He was none other
than my best friend Arpil.
He came to me, and before I could say anything he said, “Heyy …
at least wish me yaar, today is my birthday.”
“Ohh God … I am so sorry, happy birthday to you,” and I gave him
a hug.
After a hug, and plenty of buttering I asked, “Bro … please give me
your shirt, I have to go to the convent school.”
“Have you gone mad? Today is my birthday.”
He first refused to exchange our shirts, but after emotional blackmail
and some promises of ‘Dosti-yaari’ he agreed.
We exchanged our shirts in the toilet and I left the school. Now you
must all be thinking how a person can bunk from school, but it was
the speciality of our school, as it was a government school.
On the way, I was thinking about the solution of the problem, yet
I was excited thinking also about the gorgeous girls of that school,
but as all boys think about their superiority over girls, so I was
doing the same, by behaving as if, ‘I don’t care about girls’.
Finally, I reached the convent school. I locked my bicycle in the cycle
stand and moved towards the building. I was looking everywhere
for Aashish, but I didn’t find him, so I took out my mobile from my
pocket and phoned him, “Where are you? I am at your school gate.”
Aashish refused to come to the spot, because he was stuck in some
work, but he showed me the area, where all the parents were seated
and asked me to sit there.
I moved towards the shaded area, where all the parents were seated.
There were many chairs arranged, so I stepped ahead to take my
seat. As I was going to my seat, all the parents were looking at me,
I don’t know why, but it was embarrassing me…
On my seat, I looked in all direction for the girls. There were so
many girls standing in groups, but none of them were noticing that
‘I was staring at them’ so I stopped looking at them and started
to concentrate on the cultural events on the stage. I was enjoying
the dance, and then suddenly my eyes focused on a girl standing
near the stage with her friends. I was completely freaked out to
see that splendid princess. Her fair glowing skin, her pinkish lips,
her hair ribboned in two ponytails, her smile, while gossiping with
her friends started to kill me a thousand times. I was becoming
completely unresponsive towards my mind and my heart stopped
beating for a while. In this way, the most known thing called “Love
at first sight” also happened with me.
I was looking at her continuously But she was not noticing my
presence, so I started to do different – different funny and cheap
things like sitting up – standing up, talking on the phone, shouting
at the stage performance, to capture her attention, but not once did
she look at me.
She was busy in gossiping with her friends. Suddenly, a boy came
and started to speak with her. In the process of the conversation, he
touched her twice and from her facial expression, I was sure that
she didn’t like his touch, but this was making me jealous. It’s true
that up to that time I didn’t know anything about her, but still I felt
possessive about her.
I looked at that guy with my angry eyes, “Bloody shit, just leave
her, otherwise I will break your head,” I murmured. But still he was
speaking with her and that was putting fire into my ass.
Suddenly, she moved from there with her friends and that dog also
ran behind her.
I stood up from the chair and started to follow her, without caring
about anything and reached into the school building, where many
of the boys and girls were looking at me as if I am a terrorist. I was
confused wondering “Why they are all staring at me?” and then a
peon aged about 60 years stopped me, “Hey, what are you doing
here, all the parents will be allowed after the function, when the
principal will announce, so please go outside and wait.”
As he called me, I started to behave as if I am searching for something
by looking in all directions.
“I am looking for my cousin.”
But the peon was smarter than me, “Ohoo … don’t lie to me, I know
that you were following the girls,” Then I learned the reason why
all the boys were staring at me.
I smiled at his comment and requested him, “Please let me go,
otherwise, I will miss her,” but the peon did not agree to my request.
He held my hand and started to take me out of the building, “Please
wait, till the principal’s announcement.”
While he was taking me out, I put my hands in my pocket, and
took out all the money inside it, but there was only rupees twenty. I
handed over the money, as if I was giving him thousands of rupees
saying, “Take this twenty rupees, and let me go.”
The peon looked at my desperate face for two minutes and then
allowed me to go without taking those twenty rupees. I still do not
know what he saw in my face, but there must be something special
because of which he left me without taking a bribe.
I ran in the corridor to follow her again, but I missed her and
suddenly a voice came behind me, “Vivek bhaiyaa …”
I turned, Aashish was coming towards me, “I was looking for you,
where did you go, and your number is also out of coverage?”
I said nothing, and asked desperately, “How many pretty girls are
there in your school?”
“There are so many, but why are you asking, koi pasand aa gayi kya?”
I didn’t have language to explain to him what happened to me;
neither did I have any words to explain anything about her or
about her beauty because she was completely beyond words or any
explanation. As I also did not know who she was ... so I didn’t say
anything to him and changed the topic.
Aashish took me to into the class and I solved the problem after
a careful inspection. Aashish took me on a round of the entire
school and exhibition. There were several projects, but instead, I
was looking for her everywhere in the school, in each class, but I
couldn’t find her.
Finally, after searching everywhere in the school, I took my cycle
and came home with a dream of that princess. That entire night, I
couldn’t sleep, my mind was wandering in her eyes, in her smile,
in her pinkish lips, in the way she was talking, in everything about
her, and that was the first time in my life when I was attracted
towards a girl and that too with immeasurable intensity.
                                         Chapter 2
                                    The marriage act
My life continued thinking about the dream girl. Every day, I was
praying to God to see her again and one day in December, God
heard me.
There was a marriage function called ‘Mahila sangeet’ of one of my
cousin’s, Prateek bhaiya and I was there with my cousin Aashish,
and Vishal.
When we having a dosa enjoying the performances on the stage,
once again in that crowd my eyes confined to that ‘convent girl’. I
was flummoxed to see her unexpectedly and my behaviour started
to be like an excited person.
This time, she was in a red salwar suit with her hair left open, and
looked like a princess of a very large heavenly kingdom. Her silky
open hair appeared as a magic carpet and that was driving me mad.
I was admiring that creation of nature, when suddenly Aashish
said, “Are you looking at that girl?”
Vishal replied before me, “Which fool will not look at such an


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